I am constantly awed by my dear friend, Joy. She is naturally gifted in so many ways; a skilled baker and baked good decorator; a wonderful illustrator; musically brilliant (last week at church, I witnessed her playing bass, singing, AND playing a pedal-operated tambourine!), and in her professional life, she is a dedicated and purpose-driven marketer for FlowMSP. I am a more creative person just being in her orbit. So when she asked if I could create some social media branding assets for her newest creative endeavor, Joylyn, I was flattered and excited to get to work! As stated on her Facebook bio, “Joylyn serves up smooth vocals self-accompanied by acoustic guitar. She gives a homey, folk feel to songs from a variety of decades and genres, including classic rock, folk, pop, indie, alternative, rock, and country.” She just recently wrote her first original song, “Pizza I love you.” It’s charming and adorable (and accurate. I love pizza so much.). Hear it here.

I wanted the branding to reflect Joy’s, well, joyful personality. Playful and light but also sophisticated and mature. I also wanted it to reflect the acoustic nature of her performances, so I brought elements of an acoustic guitar to the design. She had some professional promotional photos done by the ever-brilliant Seth Morris Photo & Video, which helped to set the tone for the branding as well.


Facebook Cover

Facebook Graphic

The end result is a recognizable brandmark and accompanying social media branding assets that create a professional face for her online presence. I also threw in some business cards, which might be my favorite part of the set.

Joylyn is currently open for bookings throughout the summer. You can contact her here.

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