I love creating a company’s branding from scratch, helping business owners bring their dream into reality. After listening to a client explain their concept, I get to work, researching their competition and learning the visual vernacular of that particular industry. What is going to speak to their client base? What is going to engage them, make them hit that all-important “purchase” button? Are there particular brands that do this well, and are there ones that I feel miss the mark? How can I craft this company’s image into something that represents their image in a way that also connects with customers in a meaningful way? All of this is the stuff that gets the creative engine in me fired up!

When my dear friend Shannon asked me to create branding for her new business endeavor, Honey’s Sweet and Salty Spa and Skincare, I couldn’t wait to get started. There were several unique aspects I had to consider when designing for Honey’s. First is that the brand encompasses a range of products, from handmade soaps and skincare products to candles and unique experiences, such as in-home candle-making parties. Focusing on the “honey” aspect of the brand brings in fun design elements like the honeycomb. I wanted the brand to be vibrant and joyful, so a modern, bright color palate was in order. I balanced the art-deco-inspired font with a warm, cursive font to create a logotype that is dynamic, friendly, and sophisticated. (These are the exact adjectives I’d use to describe Shannon, so I knew I was hitting the mark.)

I love the way this branding came together. The hang tags will look sharp against a variety of products in her brick and mortar location, and her online presence is professional and polished.

Check out Honey’s Sweet ‘N Salty Spa and Skincare on Facebook.

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