I am pleased to announce that Heather Jarmusz Marketing is now Post and Prairie Design Studio! This move allows us to focus on the work we do best – creative design. You can expect the same expert level of care and craftsmanship with Post and Prairie that Heather Jarmusz Marketing delivered.

Heather Jarmusz Marketing was formed at the beginning of the pandemic, when, like many of us, I was navigating a new reality. It provided me a way to contribute to my family’s well-being while allowing me to work out of my home when everything went remote. In the beginning, truthfully, there was not a lot of work I would turn down. Need a new resume? Sure, I can do that! But, over time, I realized the work I truly loved doing (and also felt the most confident in) was design. Traditional marketing does not light a fire inside me, but design does. As the months progressed, I realized I was seeking out more and more design work and less marketing.

I felt that my current company-my brand- was not an adequate reflection of the type of work I was interested in doing. I also got married and changed my name, which was leading to embarrassing confusion over what my clients should call me… not great, admittedly! It was time for a change.

Why Post and Prairie?

I spent a lot of time in serious reflection over what I wanted my new company to be. What its foundations should be, and where could we move in the future. During this time, I was helping to plan my church’s 50th-anniversary celebration. The original location of our church was located at the intersection of Post and Prairie Streets in Ottawa, and members often refer to it as the “Post and Prairie” location. I heard that phrase many times during those planning sessions and fell in love with it. In church, we often talk about building your house on a solid foundation, and I believe that this is a firm foundation on which to build my business.

I also love the play on the words “Post” as in social media, which a large portion of my business is based in currently, and “Prairie,” reflecting the area in which I serve. Based in Ottawa, Illinois, Post and Prairie Design Studio understands our clients’ markets and audiences because they’re our friends and neighbors. We shop at our client’s stores and eat at their restaurants. We’re your local solution for design and social media.

I am so excited to present Post and Prairie Design Studio to everyone! Whether you need a new logo, short-term help with your social media, a completely new business identity design, or anything in-between, Post and Prairie is here to serve you! I have years of experience successfully designing, creating, managing, fulfilling, and exceeding my clients’ expectations.

I’d love to speak with you regarding your needs. Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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