Open Space is near and dear to me. I was part of my first group exhibit in almost 20 years during Covid here. They host regular classes and events and provide a space for local artists and crafters to showcase and sell their work.

I have been helping them maintain and update their website, which was a mix of e-commerce and informational. The point of purchase for the brick and mortar part of the gallery works great, but it wasn’t talking to her online sales. It was getting to be overly cumbersome and with the holidays coming, Open Space needed a permanent solution. It was time to make the switch to a Square site.

The new site is terrific; it’s clean, responsive, and easy to navigate. All of the classes are ready to go. Best of all, clients can now buy gift cards for classes or events and gift them to friends or loved ones. Everything lives under one roof now, so updating their online inventory is a breeze. Visit them online at

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